Free WP Affordability Calculator

This simple to use plugin gives a visitor the ability to calculate their ability to afford and purchase a home. A mortgage is one of the largest investments that the general consumer will make in their lifetime. Therefore, it is a great idea to provide this means of easy calculation in any post or sidebar of a WordPress website oriented towards home sales or financing.


  • Quick and easy calculation to find out the type of payments that are affordable based off of the visitor’s income.
  • Peruse available options to find the best solution for a mortgage loan based on what the visitor can afford to pay.
  • In-depth calculator allows input of factors such as desired monthly payment, mortgage length, and interest to present a total sum for the long-term. This functionality will also provide an idea of the maximum loan the visitor can be approved for.


  1. Download and extract the ZIP file to your PC. Most PC’s will have a program with this functionality, otherwise there are free solutions available on the internet.
  2. Upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/ through an FTP program. Alternatively, the user can upload the ZIP file through the WordPress installer.
  3. Visit the admin control panel of the WordPress administrator’s section and navigate to Plugins. Enable the Plugin.
  4. Widget: The widget can be enabled through the Widget Settings in the Appearance panel. Simply drag the widget box to the appropriate sidebar location.


How can the plugin be used in the body of an article?

Include the tag (affordability-calc) but replace the parenthesis ( ) with square brackets [ ].

How can the plugin be upgraded?
  1. Navigate to Plugins in the WordPress administrator’s panel.
  2. The Affordability Calculator Plugin must be deactivated through this panel.
  3. Download the latest version of the Affordability Calculator and install the files through FTP (extracted files) or through the WordPress installer (ZIP file).
  4. Navigate to Plugins in the WordPress administrator’s panel and re-enable the plugin.

*The Plugin and Sidebar widget can be used at the same without any conflict.