Interest Only Loan and Mortgage Calculator

Interest Only Loan/Mortgage Calculator shows an amortization schedule for a fixed-rate loan, with optional extra payments and an optional interest-only period. One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account.

interest-only-244This is a win win situation because your users will be happy for archiving their reports and will come back for more in order to compare with older ones, while you receive precious stats for later report monetization. Last but not least this plugin/widget actually gives a real meaning to your financial and not only website making both google and visitors like you more about it.

Making money from websites like these is not easier than others BUT if you don’t know already cpc rates are REALLY high when it comes to keywords like “mortgage”, “loans”, “finance”, “amortization tables” etc.

  • They can change any values without reloading page.
  • If your visitors wish they can enable the “Send report to email” option in case they want to have their report sent as an email for later comparison with other reports.
  • After entering all fields select “Calculate” and wait a few seconds for the results to appear.

Every time your visitor enables the email report you get results saved in your WordPress database under table i_o_l_reports. You can use that table for exporting reports and other useful data. Plugin uninstall also removes all related tables.


  1. Extract zip file locally.
  2. Find and edit file interest-only-calc.php with notepad or any other editor.
  3. Go to line 177 and replace with your url then save and close file. Then go to line 183 and replace with your own email then save and close file.
  4. Upload folder under /wp-content/plugins/ through ftp.
  5. Log into your WordPress admin section and enable Plugin.
  6. If you want to use the widget as well just visit the Widget settings under the Appearance section.

How to use plugin inside a post or page

Post the tag (interest-only-loan-calc) in the body of the article, replace the parenthesis ( ) with square brackets [ ].
If you want to use it as a widget just slide the “Interest Only Loan Calculator” widget to your desired sidebar.

How to Upgrade

  1. Deactivate plugin.
  2. Download locally new files and upload them to your website.
  3. Reactivate the plugin.

You can use both plugin and sidebar widget at the same time without any problems.