Mortgage and Loan Calculator

Monthly mortgage payments are a very important consideration for a potential home buyer. This plugin provides an in-depth report on Monthly Mortgage payments. The plugin or widget can be used by a visitor to generate a monthly report including amortization tables. Supported functionality includes being able to send a copy of the report to the visitor’s email address.

A combination of interest rates and the loan amount can be used to calculate monthly loan payments. The values can be amended at any time without needing to reload the page between each use, making it optimal for the visitor looking at several options.

  • An “Extra Payments” tab allows the visitor the freedom to really explore their options and how their loan will affect them in the long run.
  • The “Send Report to Email” functionality can be used to give visitors a way to make easy comparisons as they work to find the right mortgage for their needs.
  • Reports are generated through use of the “Calculate” command and only takes a handful of seconds to produce informative results.

The plugin function to send an email saves the visitor’s statistics and email only after they select to receive result as an email report. Those details are saved under table wp_a_m_c_reports of your WordPress Database. Uninstalling the plugin will delete all associated tables.


  1. Extract the ZIP file to your PC using compression software, free solutions are available online if the PC does not have one.
  2. Using Notepad, edit the file monthly-mortgage-calc.php.
    **Navigate to Line 161 and change with your URL.
    **Navigate to Line 67 and change with your email.
    **Save and close the file.
  3. The file must then be uploaded to /wp-content/plugins/ through FTP, or as a ZIP file through the WordPress Installer.
  4. Enable the plugin through the administrator’s panel of WordPress, in the plugins section.
  5. The widget can be dragged to the desired location in the Widget Settings of the Appearance section.

How to use plugin inside a post or page

Post the tag (monthly-mortgage-calc) in the body of the article, replace the parenthesis ( ) with square brackets [ ].
If you want to use it as a widget just slide the “Mortgage and Loan Calculator” widget to your desired sidebar.

How to Upgrade

  1. Deactivate plugin.
  2. Download locally new files and upload them to your website.
  3. Reactivate the plugin.

You can use both plugin and sidebar widget at the same time without any problems.